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16 Responses to About

  1. Jeff Clark says:

    Do you come to St Bede Parish in Montgomery Alabama?
    Jeff Clark

  2. Marvin U. Zapanta says:

    Hi, Fr Moneme. I read your article, “The Lesson from the Cross,” on Catholic Exchange. It was enlightening article. I read also you have mission work in Antipolo. Actually i live near antipolo. I hope i can have correspondence with you through email for spiritual guidance. Thank you, Father!

  3. Marvin U. Zapanta says:

    Thank you, Father!

  4. Father thank you for your recent post on Catholic Exchange about Jesus parable about working in the Masters vineyard even at the 11th hour. Have made closed retreats in Sacred Heart Seminary and Retreat House in Novaliches. Do you have a Retreat house in Antipolo where one can make a closed retreat? Thank you

  5. James Bond says:

    Dear Father,

    Thank you for your article on always obeying God’s commands. For many years I walked in rebellion to God, but in the last 5 years I have come back to Jesus my Lord. With His help I intend to live for Him and never again to turn back to darkness. I was confirmed into the Catholic Church on Easter Sunday at age 61! Praise God!!!!! Please pray for me Father as I want my life to count for our Lord.

    Jim Bond
    Schuyler VA

  6. Norma carreon says:

    Beautiful, mr Bond…that gives me, Mom hope for my children , w faith watered down, now adults.
    So you say at 61, you found the Lord , Jesus again. glory to God.

    To Fr
    Have worked w the OMVs in US , Hawaiian Gardens . Where about are in in Antipolo?

  7. knottynut says:

    Hello Father! I really am blessed and touched by your writing about Sin and Divine Mercy on Catholic Exchange. I really would like to meet you someday. I am from Laguna, Philippines.

  8. Christina says:

    Thank you, Fr. Moneme,

    Your words are always a great spiritual gain for me and I can see the Holy Spirit working through you so clearly and God is using you in many ways we don’t yet know or understand until we are in Heaven. Please continue with courage your work as a faithful steward of God’s graces, I keep you in my prayers,
    from Tokyo,

  9. Ify says:

    hello fr, I read your post on change of hearts @Catholic exchange. I have been praying for my spouse change of heart.

    • Hello Ify, thanks for the note. I will pray for your intentions. But remember that we are the ones who need to have our hearts changed first because we are the only ones who can surrender our hearts and give God permission to change and mold us. We cannot do it for someone else, they have to do it themselves. But as I said, I will keep your intentions in my prayer. God bless.

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